The title is an introduction by Bob Dylan during a live concert to his protest song “Hurricane”. He says: “If you got any political clue at all then you can help us get this man out of jail, back on the streets”.

A little background to this song: in 1966, the African-Am...

September 1, 2013

Hackerspaces, places where hackers like to meet up, have been around since the early nineties. By “hackers” I mean the original sense of the word: “people who use technology in a different way to that for which it was originally designed”. To me, hackerspaces often loo...

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I’m greatly interested in technology and how this technology can benefit an organisation or the impact of this technology an Macro economic situations. Therefore, I regularly visit large international events to discover new developments and to keep my knowledge up to date. A few of the events and conferences I’ve attended: Hack In The Box Amsterdam (HITB AMS), Hack In The Box Kuala Lumpur (HITB KL), VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) San Francisco, VMware User Group (VMUG) NL, vForum NL, VMworld Europe and USA, OHM, System Centre University (SCU) Basil.


beside of that I am a speaker on various events (like CITE2014, organised by IDG) and

I have been a member of the jury for HackWEEKDAY where students develop new solutions for Facebook and Mozilla, thus giving these companies an opportunity to look for new employees. 


With all this information end my day to day experions I wrote some blogs.

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