I’m greatly interested in technology, leadership and strategy. Especially, how these topics can influence and benefit organizations. For example, what’s the impact of disruptive technology on macro economic situations? Therefore, I regularly visit large international events to discover new technological developments and to keep my knowledge up to date. Besides my interest in technical solutions, I also visit various leadership summits (ie VMware PLS), I am a member of several advisory boards and I regularly visit tech leaders to share information and to mutually learn. I strongly believe power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it ;-)

A few of the events and conferences I’ve attended: Hack In The Box

(Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur), VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) San Francisco, VMware User Group (VMUG) NL, vForum NL, VMworld (Europe and USA), OHM, HAR, System Centre University (SCU) Basil. Occasionally, I am a speaker on various events and I have been a member of various jury’s for example HackWEEKDAY, where students develop new solutions for Facebook and Mozilla, thus giving these companies an opportunity to look for new employees.


With all this information and my day to day experience, I wrote some blogs. You can read them below!


- Francisco Perez van der Oord


September 1, 2013

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November 21, 2019

VMworld Europe is actually my most favorite event of the year. My agenda is always way too busy, but the energy during VMworld is great! I have been attending VMworld for years now, so more and more friendships are starting to develop.

This year, I was invited to join Jenni Flinders (global Chief Channel VMwar...

May 31, 2017

While attending last year’s VMworld in Barcelona, I took part in a QA session. Ever since I get questions from other partners in the Netherlands, I’ve promised several persons to write a summary and put it up as a blog, and now I finally did ;-)

I got interviewed during the keynote of Ian Evens (at the time Vi...

May 28, 2017

Forty years old, am I. Oh, how time flies :-) Last week, I overheard a comment from a colleague, saying his little boy didn’t know the meaning of the disk symbol in Word for saving files. Yeah, I guess it’s something for ‘old’ people. It made me wonder about my first real x86 PC. Well, actually, it was a 8088...

August 2, 2015

I’ve stated this before: in this disruptive world, with its tsunami of new technology rolling our way, it’s very important to adjust our choices and business models in a much shorter period of time than we’re used to. This presents us with two major challenges: keeping the knowledge of our consultants at a co...

February 1, 2015

As of this year, this is our new slogan. We will continue to use our traditional slogans, for they remain relevant (Passion for technology and We are ITQ), but we want to emphasize our identity and vision. During the last few months I’ve received a lot of questions regarding this new slogan. Great news t...

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