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Curriculum Vitae

Some more background

Active roles Francisco

President and Chief Customer Success Officer (and Founder together with Paul Geerlings)

sept 2001 - Present


okt 2019 - Present

Commissioner supervisory board

jan 2004 - Present

Member of the IT Advisory Board

jan 2019 - Present

Member of the VMware Partner Advisory Council

sept 2016 - Present

And I permanently advise various companies and entrepreneurs below the radar on various issues like business growth, acquisitions, marketing and sales etcetc. I you want more info about this please contact me on

The past

Advisory Board Member

apr - jul 2019

Former founder and Co- Owner after the acquisition I was a member of the advisory board (4 years)

The S Unit is a ITQ Spinoff

Advisory Board Member

jan 2006 - jun 2019

Former founder and Co- Owner after the acquisition I was a member of the advisory board.

Provisior is a former ITQ Group company

Founder Eupsco

2012 - 2015

Eupsco is ITQ Spinoff and acquired (and rebranded)

Non profit / community work

Board Member Park Sociëteit

jan 2010 - 2015

Local Partner Hack in the Box

2009 - 2014

Member of the Dutch RoundTable

for many many years.......

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