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The Independent VMware knowledge partner

Founded by Paul Geerlings and me in 2001. We set out to gather a group of consultants with a shared passion for technology to proudly work on the best IT infrastructure projects. That’s how ITQ has come to prove that when a business is founded on passion, enthusiasm, collegiality and concession-free quality, success will follow.

Where are we now?

Well over a decade later, the company has evolved into a grown-up, focussed, flexible and no less passionate bunch of nerds. Our mission for the time to come is to be the nr.1 VMware knowledge partner in our region; for our expertise on the entire VMware proposition to be at the absolute top. This can only be achieved by the best, most driven and passionate engineers, consultants and project managers, supported by company leadership from beginning to end, from strategy to the smallest details.

For more info about ITQ go to: ITQ.EU

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