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My name is Francisco Perez. I'm born in the most beautiful village of Holland (Heemskerk) on December 19, 1976. I married my first girlfriend Marjolein and we now have three beautiful daughters Lisa, Anne and Suus.


I started my IT career in 1996 when I was 18 years old. After a few years we worked for two different consultancy companys and we decided to start our own IT consultancy company. But one a different way! ITQ set out to gather a group of consultants with a shared passion for technology to proudly work on the best IT infrastructure projects. That’s how ITQ has come to prove that when a business is founded on passion, enthusiasm, collegiality and concession-free quality, success will follow.


This blog was written following an Interview of our VP Cloud Native (Ruurd Keizer) has given to VMware to explain to other VMware partners why we have been investing in Cloud Native for the last five years. At ITQ, Ruurd is responsible for our Cloud Native team and all associated practices. He has been working at ITQ for years and with a PhD in Quantum Physics, he’s simply disguised as a cloud-native guy 😉.

My personal habit plan for a successful entrepreneur and person!

Habits... Everyone has them. I’m not an expert, but I do know I have them: both positive and negative. A few years ago, I spoke to someone who coached me, because I felt I was having too much trouble with conflict-avoiding behaviour, especially in certain situations. During a couple of long walks (which I love anyway), she taught me a few things.

This year, I was invited to join Jenni Flinders (global Chief Channel VMware) on the mainstage during the keynote of the partner day, and participate in a short Q/A session on a few topics. When I got invited, I immediately replied with an enthusiastic YES, only to realize a moment later I would have to speak in front of a few thousand people... That part aside, WHY was I actually so enthusiastic to participate?


Zeestraat 250, 1949 AG Wijk aan Zee, The Netherlands

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